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Crucial equipment to run good Kettlebell or any other sport competitions are electronic sport counters or timers.

All our counters are Kettlebell Marathon events ready!


Laboratory of Champions has designed the most up-to-date counters in the market. They have such awesome features as:

1/Size of the screen:

- Big model 12M-2SD 64cm*48cm

- Medium model 8M-2SD for 2 platforms 64cm*32cm

- Small counters model 4M-2SD 32*32cm

2/Fully remote managment using remote device, or PC, or smartphone! (optional)

3/High resourse specialized remote device with extended Menu access with indication of low battery level (4*AA size batteries)

4/Distinctively visible in big gyms from big distances

5/Excellent choice for YouTube or Facebook Live events

6/Only one cord - power cord ready for all continents

7/ Can be used for as one counter for two platforms (option)

8/ Master remote to manage settings of the whole group and to start all counters

9/ Worldwide warranty and easy-to-fix problem design and easy-to-update design!

Excellent service support - most of problems can be fixed remotely via guidance of English-speaking engineer or via videocall.

We can send you new chips and remote devices if necessary as being solely designers and producers of these systems.

You can upgrade your system even after years after purchase!

Functions of MENU

1/ Set up of time from 1 minute to 99 hours 59 mins - step 1 minute!

2/ Normal time movement or Reverse time movement

3/ 5,4,3,2,1 Start countdown with sound

4/ Time End sound

5/ Biathlon mode! (Input of 1st event numbers and change of Total Sum while second event)

6/ Change of Brightness of the screen

7/ Additional Menu options upon your request

Extra Functions via Wi-Fi connection box

1/All menu functions access via PC, tablet or smartphone

2/You can even use own smartphone as remote. Imagine - each judge has own personal remote

3/Input names of sportsmen

4/Group start of all counters

5/Connection to broadcast software, projectors and so on

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