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Laboratory of Champions designs and provides very effective educational programs in strength endurance development field. 


There are certifications in Kettlebell sport and also in multi-event sports for CrossFit, GRID and so on athletes.


Our key idea is to build gradual deep multi-level effective system of seminars which is based on cutting-edge information from different science fields. These seminars cover all elements of trainer's and coach's skills necessary to reach the highest results.


Strength Endurance is the most complicated segment in physical quallities development because of combination there elements from different fields. For example during strength endurance performance all power supply chains (anaerobic alactate, anaerobic lactate, "aerobic" oxidative phosphorylation) are activated in full size up to exhaustion. It makes task of creation of educational programs for this segment very complicated and demanding. It demands from designer deep knowledge from various science fields + own long and effective sport's background that to translate all feelings and pain self experienced to short and effective training protocols and theses.


Laboratory of Champions has succesfully solved this task by designing effective gradual multi-level educational seminars of three levels in each field. These three level's events give to the students all necessary tools to reach  by themselves or by their students the highest sport and fitness results.



Modern Kettlebell Sport Certifications


Laboratory of Champions was founded in Saint-Petersburg, Russia - the origin place of Kettlebell sport (XVIII century). Since that moment and till nowadays this city is the main world center of Modern Kettlebell sport. Saint-Petersburg team is the winner-team of the previous Russian National championships - the events which move the borders of possible by setting fantastic records and making distant beacons to reach for the rest Kettlebell World. It makes these certifications undisputedly unique and must-to-visit.


MKST-L1 Modern Kettlebell Sport Trainer Level 1 Certification


"Foundations of Modern KB, Safety rules and Effective tools to teach modern KB sport technique”


MKST-L2 Modern Kettlebell Sport Trainer Level 2 Certification


"The Physiology of MKS and Various Protocols of Specialized Endurance Development in Modern KB sport”


MKST-L3 Modern Kettlebell Sport Trainer Level 3 Certification


“The Art and Science of training process Programming”


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                                               Strength Endurance Development Certifications


These two unique certifications cover by itself very complicated field of strength endurance development. There you can learn very effective conception and tools how to make your trainings more effective in CrossFit and in other sports.


It happened so that Kettlebell sport is the most pure manifestation of strength endurance because of heavy weight of sportive kettlebells and limited time of execution. The performance in KB sport always higher then Anaerobic Threshold - the indicative criteria that we meet "strength endurance field". Later appeared such spectacular activities like "crossfit" and so on where people try to display the highest power in the limited time intervals.


Long history and traditions of KB sport and artistic gymanstic, weightlifting and other disciplines included in these "crossfit-like" activities made solid and unique basis for Laboratory of Champions to design.


Today we offer our students two levels of seminars:


SED-L0 Strength Endurance Development Level Zero Seminar


“Various tips and rules to increase efficacy of performance in multi-event sport’s disciplines”


SED-L1 Strength Endurance Development Level 1 Seminar


“The physiology of high-intensity performance in multi-event sports and effective Protocols of strength endurance


Download the content of seminars here:






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