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Main Features of Belt from Lab of Champions

Kettlebell Sport is unique. Thats why equipment for KB sport has unique specific design and specific functions.


This equipment is: Belt, Shoes, T-shirt and so on.


The equipment from other sports like Olympic weightlifting or fitness will be not effective for many specific reasons.


The belt from Laboratory of Champions is the most popular model in KB sport world, trusted by hundreds of lifters worldwide. The mandatory element of their equipment...


The belts from Laboratory of Champions have made real revolution in belt's design!


We made our belts not only technically perfect but we offer the widest spectre of options to make it unique and flamboyant!


We are ready to make almost any of your dreams real! We know that  because of such great importance of belt for KB lifter people want to make it so special!



We are ready to make all your training a kind of festival - when you wear our bright and effective gear - it makes even hard training sessions easier for mind and brings joy!


In Rack Position sportsman leans body backwards to obtain more effective relaxation of quads. And he(she) needs secure protection

of lower back from fatigue injuries and pain.


The LOCAZ Belt gives you this protection for solid firm wide construction.


The main specific function of Belt is to ensure full transfer of power while performing Jerk-phase after 1st Dip.


The only way here - to give elbows solid platform.


LOCAZ Belt has unique design to provide you with this effect.


Also solid platform gives you so necessary rest for arms and shoulders and gives you MORE REPS!

Designed and produced

in mother-city of Kettlebells (XVIII c.) and main

world center of KB Sport -

in Saint-Petersburg, Russia


Kettlebell Belt is a very specific belt. The belt is very firm and rigid. You have to do turn of the ribs of the belt out and press the belt making it more oval.


Lean athletes shouldnt buckle the belt tight. The criteria - elbows have to reach the edge of belt and have rest there. 


Test the belt under Kettlebells! Without KB the test will be incorrect.


Massive athletes may buckle it tight to make "fatty belly platform" and place forearms on belly's surface.

You can make your Belt really piece unique by choosing 

the 4th decorative Layer of fine leather.


Choose your color or tell us how do you imagine your

future belt from LOCAZ!


Tell us how do you imagine your belt and we will make 

it real!

kettlebell sport, belt for kettlebell sport

Belt form Lab of Champions perfectly fit 

female lifters and helps them to lift more heavy kettlebells, protecting their lower back!

kettlebell sport, belt for kettlebell sport
belt for kettlebell sport custom-made
belt for kettlebell sport custom-made

Great news for all lifters - custom-cut Bespoke ROTOR belt!

You can measure Upper- and Down-length according to your uniqie body's features to get the most comfortable assistance and rest in Rack Position!

As always -exclusive extra-thick leather!

Exclusive stamp only for Bespoke-belts owners! 

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