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Watch the video how the Kettlebell Counter smartphone application can change the world of trainings in professional Kettlebell Girevoy sport and Kettlebell fitness!

Download it on your smartphones and tablets and subscribe! 

Available in Google.Play. The AppStore application for iOS will be available in the nearest time.

The same video in YouTube 

About the application

The 1st ever application, that can recognize and count your lifts with the Kettlebells!
- One of the most wanted tools in the professional Girevoy Kettlebell sport and Kettlebell fitness, that helps to increase the efficacy of training process
- Now you may train with the deepest concentration, not loading your mind, how many repetitions you did perform

- You dont need to ask somebody to train with you to count your reps. Train everywhere and safe!
- Using complicated mathematical algorythm this app can recognize your lifts with the Kettlebell and indicate them on the screen online.
- You dont need to have Internet network connection to run this application.
- You can set up any time interval for your set and after finishing of this time - app will save in your phone or tablet memory your set video with time and repetitions.
- You need to find an area with no other people in the frame and without other Kettlebells. Just move the Kettlebells between two red lines and you will see, how application will recognize and count what you do.
- It counts both one hand or two hands lifts
- Remember - if you dont want that incoming call via phone, WhatsApp and so on will interrupt your work - turn ON Plane mode of the phone!
- The application has been created and developed in the origin city of the Kettlebells and the current capital of the professional Girevoy Kettlebell sport - Saint Petersburg

Tips to make work of the application better

- Try to avoid of other people in the frame when you do the lifts

- Try to avoid of other Kettlebells in the frame

- Try to find that place in your gym where no small complicated design of the backstage

- Try to find a place without sun counterlight 

- Lift in sport apparel which has different color from the backstage 

- Try to avoid of big objects on the wall or backstage which may look like the Kettlebell - when your free arm crosses this area - the application may think that this is arm with the Kettlebell and make a count

- If video doesnt appear in Albums of your phone - check - did you allow this application to access the storage. Also you can reboot your device and video will appear in phone's storage.

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