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The most popular model of professional belt in modern Kettlebell sport. Chosen by more then thousand top lifters around the world. The golden standard for professional Kettlebell belt.

Custom-made belts from Lab of Champions are real pieces of art and they have set new aesthetic standard in industry!

Unique specific design and production from Honored Master of Sport of Russia Arseny Zhernakov pro-grade belt for Kettlebell sport and CrossFit. All belts are designed and produced in mother-city and the main center of Kettlebell sport - Saint-Petersburg, RUS.

3-layer of genuine thick leather for basic belt. The rear width is 12cm, frontal width is 6mm (IUKL, WAKSC, WKSF, IKO, IKMF etc Regulations are conformed).

The belt provides excellent support for elbows and spine safety in Rack Position for Kettlebell lifts or CrossFit events.

Unique genuine Asymmetrical ROTOR design fits all your changes by rotation.

Check your size on picture!

Use our tips on how to select size of belt here:

Basic color is Black. For other available colors contact us!

NB: Girls wear belt below waist - they put it on hips. That's why straight measurement of waist is not informative. If you feel trouble to choose correct size - contact us!

Options to customize:

1/ Choose and add outer Layer of decorative leather to make your belt really piece unique!

2/ Create from snippets unique outer Layer of your dream! Contact us with your sketch!

3/ Do laser engraving to draw your logo etc.

4/ Add inner anti-slick thick inner cow suede for better comfort

5/ Outer layer made of Vegetable Bark tanned leather to be capable of lifting extra-heavy weights and to get extra spine support for safety

6/ Choose thick 4th (or 3rd) amazing colors decorative outer 2+mm layer

7/ Embroidery on Outer and Inner Layers of the belt (to get Embroidery on Inner layer you need to order option Inner Suede Layer/ to get Embroidery on Outer layer you need to order options: Outer Decorative Layer or Decorative Patch or contact us) If you like to have only Patch with Embroidery attached - you can choose Option: Embroidery Colored Patch 9cm*12cm max only and you will need to specify color of Patch. Wide artistic loops and many more!

8/ Manual mix of colors and dying of surface of the belt even with different colors gradients

9/ Add 4th thick basic layer to the belt to get unique 16+mm thick belt

10/ UV photo printing of any imaginable images on the surface

If you need decoration ideas - you can visit our Instagram page to watch the best ideas there!

All buyers of this product also get opportunity to get 33% discount in moment of purchase for 3-months online coaching with Arseny Zhernakov, Honored Master of Sport, PhD, one of the most renowned coaches and sportsmen in KB sport.

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