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This weekend in Buenos Aires has taken its place first certification Modern Kettlebell Sport Trainer Level 3 MKST-L3. Massive impact of cutting-edge information about programming and other aspects of coaching skills, multiple measurements of different physiological parameters.
Pic.1 Measuring Lactate
Pic.2 Group photo
NEW Absolute World Record TALC24 = 66(!) reps from Kimberly C Fox(Coach Arseny Zhernakov, assisting coach, team mate and husband - William J Fox) at OKC California Long Cycle Championship - 2016. Nothing accidental - just routine scientific trainings under Laboratory of Champions training conceptions. 38, 39, 51, 61 and 66 reps now - there are WR's set by Kimberly along 2015 - 2016...
Great example for all women worldwide! No limits!
Shoes and belt are ROTOR from Laboratory of Champions.
Dear customers!
Please pay attention that July, 1st - July, 24th - Factory vacations. All orders will be accepted and executed. Sorry for possible delay in shipping. You can ask for some free options.
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